Permanent Residency
Dear ARCA,

I want to say thank you for all of your help and wonderful work on my immigration file. I am now proudly an Argentine Permanent Resident and DNI holder.

You had complete knowledge of the process. You always had a keen eye for details. You were always there and doing it right.

I spent 4.5 years in the US Navy. When someone did an incredible job, we described it as follows:
"Above and beyond the call of duty."

Those words describe Argentina Residency and my advisor, Lorena Gallardo, perfectly.
There are few times in life when you one can say that someone earned every penny they received in fees. You are in that rare category!

With kindest regards,

Jack Waldbewohner

Temporary Financier Residency Process
I would just like to express my thanks for and satisfaction with the service you have provided me in obtaining a Financier Visa and Temporary Residence, and in particular to Lorena Gallardo.

Lorena took care of everything from the first contact to successfully obtaining the Visa prior to my scheduled arrival, and then my DNI within 5 weeks of arriving Argetnina. I know from talking ot other expats living here that this is a very quick and efficient service. Lorena was always attentive, quick to respond to questions and provided excellent guidance throughout the process. She is a credit to your organisation, and I will have no hesitation recommending her to other expats seeking to obtain Visa or Residency assistance.

Thanks again!
R.C. - UK

Financier Residency Process
To Whom It May Concern:

Our Temporary Residency Visas will be ready this Friday, and by September 1st, we will be living in our new apartment in Buenos Aires.

We owe this wonderful news to the tireless efforts of Ms. Gallardo. I have been in business for thirty years, in many different countries, and I have never had the pleasure of dealing with anyone who equals Lorena's care for her clients and passion for her job.

We were fortunate to have Lorena handle our visa process and your organization is fortunate to have such a terrific employee.


Mr. S. Arbeit
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