Permanent Residency
Dear ARCA,

I want to say thank you for all of your help and wonderful work on my immigration file. I am now proudly an Argentine Permanent Resident and DNI holder.

You had complete knowledge of the process. You always had a keen eye for details. You were always there and doing it right.

I spent 4.5 years in the US Navy. When someone did an incredible job, we described it as follows:
"Above and beyond the call of duty."

Those words describe Argentina Residency and my advisor, Lorena Gallardo, perfectly.
There are few times in life when you one can say that someone earned every penny they received in fees. You are in that rare category!

With kindest regards,

Jack Waldbewohner

Temporary Financier Residency Process
I would just like to express my thanks for and satisfaction with the service you have provided me in obtaining a Financier Visa and Temporary Residence, and in particular to Lorena Gallardo.

Lorena took care of everything from the first contact to successfully obtaining the Visa prior to my scheduled arrival, and then my DNI within 5 weeks of arriving Argetnina. I know from talking ot other expats living here that this is a very quick and efficient service. Lorena was always attentive, quick to respond to questions and provided excellent guidance throughout the process. She is a credit to your organisation, and I will have no hesitation recommending her to other expats seeking to obtain Visa or Residency assistance.

Thanks again!
R.C. - UK

Financier Residency Process
To Whom It May Concern:

Our Temporary Residency Visas will be ready this Friday, and by September 1st, we will be living in our new apartment in Buenos Aires.

We owe this wonderful news to the tireless efforts of Ms. Gallardo. I have been in business for thirty years, in many different countries, and I have never had the pleasure of dealing with anyone who equals Lorena's care for her clients and passion for her job.

We were fortunate to have Lorena handle our visa process and your organization is fortunate to have such a terrific employee.


Mr. S. Arbeit

Financier Residency Process
To Whom It May Concern,

The purpose of my email is to share my personal experience of using ARCA's services and the specific assistance that was provided by Lorena Gallardo Fernandez.

No matter who I mention it to everyone has been thoroughly impressed that I was able to receive my temporary residency within 3-months notice and for a relatively reasonable fee of $3,500. It seems many fellow Americans living Argentina have not had the same type of experience - I hope my "sharing" with them stimulates new business for ARCA.

Specifically, I want to call attention to the efforts of Lorena Gallardo Fernandez. In approaching my application for residency, I certainly had a number of questions regarding the overall process. Lorena was always quick to professionally address my concerns either through email, phone calls, or in-person meetings - this included weekends.

Great companies are built on great people and your organization certainly has one of them in Lorena Gallardo Fernandez. Once again, thank you for your organization's efforts. I'll be sure to be in touch for my renewal efforts.

Daniel Aruca

Temporary Financier Residency Process
BCP, Inc
Portland, ME 04112

The purpose of this letter is to commend Lorena Gallardo-Fernandez, and the ARCA team for the exceptional work and service while managing our Argentina temporary residency application process.

Last year, when we decided to obtain temporary residency in Argentina, we spent a lot of time researching the process and its requirements. We were very surprised with the complexities obtaining residency entailed, and the many difficulties applicants faced when they tried to do it on their own. We then came across the ARCA website and with some initial hesitation, decided to give it a try.

From the first phone call, which Lorena also handled, she was very professional and helpful in answering all our questions. She made us feel at
ease with the process, helped us understand it better, and detailed all the services ARCA would offer us. We were then convinced ARCA was the way to go and decided to hire their services.

Lorena has done an exceptional job and we have now completed the process and obtained our temporary residency. She distinguished herself with her excellent customer service and keen eye for detail. Lorena walked us step-by-step through the whole process, from selecting the type of VISA that
best matched us, to getting our documents in order, scheduling all the required appointments and finally obtaining the VISA, our DNI and CUIL

Two other ARCA agents we also had the pleasure to meet were Marta and Eduardo. They were both very professional as well and helpful during our
local appointments to get our DNI and CUIL. They made sure our visits to these busy government offices were quick and without issues. Marta and
Eduardo also exemplify the great team you have in ARCA.

Overall, Lorena is an intelligent, highly-qualified advisor and case manager. We are delighted we had her as our advisor and extremely satisfied with her work and the results. Her professionalism, discipline, and commitment to her job have placed her on top of our list of client service agents we have worked with. On a personal level, she is also very pleasant and has a great personality. She went beyond her call to make sure any general questions we had about living in Argentina were answered and we really appreciate the assistance and great advice she offered us.

Lorena is a valuable asset to ARCA and we're certain she is a great candidate for advancement within your company. We will also be glad to
recommend Lorena Gallardo-Fernandez and ARCA to anyone seeking to obtain their Argentinean residency.

If we can be of any assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


BCP, Inc.

BCP, Inc.

Financier Residency Permit
I wholeheartedly recommend ARCA.

ARCA helped me obtain a financier visa. The process took under three months, and went without a hitch.

When I arrived in Argentina, ARCA also helped me get my DNI and CUIL, both of which I had in hand within six weeks of arriving.

My ARCA advisor, Lorena Gallardo Fernández, was a delight to work with. Lorena is responsive, personable and extremely competent. Once in Buenos Aires, I also had the pleasure of working with Lucila and Martha, who were similarly helpful.

In short, ARCA definitely gave me my money's worth.

Sarah Laurence

Work Permit - Brazil
Dear Sirs,

I am writing from Manaus.

I wanted to thank you very much for your support and kindness in Buenos Aires and for all the hard work.

I greatly appreciate the enthusiasm to work out things. Your contact in the Brazilian Consulate was really appreciated as we could cut down the process to 2 working days. I could arrive in Manaus on schedule!

My Best Regards,

Arihiro Moroboshi

Work Permit - Brazil
Dear David,

The Visa renewal in Buenos Aires went very smoothly and I am now back in Brazil. I would just like to say that ARCA personnel really made the whole process quick and painless and I would like to pass on my thanks to them, specially Lorena in Buenos Aires, who did a great job.

Stewart Johnson

Financier Residency Permit
Dear ARCA Team,

It was my pleasure to see you again.
Your help in guiding us through the difficult steps of temporary residency has been very valuable.

I don't know what we would have done without your excellent assistance.

Thank you very much, specially to Lorena.
Kindest regards,

Michael Hollen

Financier Residency Permit
It isn't that often that I write a letter of thanks for services rendered, but in the case of ARCA I strongly feel an exception needs to be made.

Moving overseas is never an easy experience, even when you have done it a number of times before. Not least of the difficulties is sorting out the formalities and bureaucracy of obtaining a residence visa. Finding ARCA to do this work for us really took a load from my mind. Thanks to your assistance and good contacts with the Migration Department, our applications were processed quickly and we now have visas in our passports ready for when we arrive in Argentina.

We look forward to working with you again in the future when the time for renewal arrives.
Yours sincerely,

John M.C. O'Brien

Financier Residency Permit
My experience with ARCA in obtaining my Residency Visa was beyond outstanding. From my first introduction to Lorena Gallardo by telephone from the United States, to our initial meeting in Buenos Aries and the subsequent advice provided throughout the processing of documents, I was given highly professional service and the entire process was made quite easy. I have recommended your services to several potential clients and will be happy to endorse ARCA in the future.
E. Peter McLean
Vice Chairman
Spencer Stuart

Financier Residency Permit
I wanted to thank you and ARCA for doing such a great job with my visa. Until I found ARCA, I was beginning to think it would never be approved. Studying Spanish here and living in Argentina is something I'd wanted to do for a very long time - ever since I visited for the first time. With the amount of time it was taking and the mountain of paperwork they kept requesting, I was beginning to think that Argentina really didn't want students coming there or something.
I'm not in the habit of writing letters to service providers, but I was really impressed with all the things you all did to help me get settled here. Thank you for helping me find a place to live - the apartment is great. I hope I could ask you and all the folks from ARCA out to lunch next year and hopefully we'll be able to speak in Spanish.

Taylor Selden
Tucson, AZ 85704

Work Permit Residency Process
It is with great pleasure and without reservation that I offer you GeoDesign's reference and endorsement of ARCA's Visa and relocation services. I was completely satisfied with the job ARCA did for our Company and our employees. One of the biggest challenges we faced when expanding abroad was finding employee willing to take on a foreign assignment.

By helping our employees with all their government formalities, moving their personal belongings and finding them housing, you've helped us make the entire process easier on our people, and thus, easier on us. We will, of course, be using ARCA in the future for any of our further Argentina visa/relocation needs.

You may share this letter with anyone who would like to hear from a satisfied ARCA client. You may also share my email address with a potential client of they have any specific question they would like to ask.

Bruce Decker
GeoDesign, Inc.
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