Amnesty for Mercosur and Southamerican Citizens

Published: November 02, 2005
By Arca News, from La Nacion

New winds of change in favour of immigrants coming to Argentina
Recently, a new change in the Immigration Law has been debated in Argentina.
Mainly, the idea is to help all Southamerican/Mercosur countries citizens with their immigration process in order to regularize the situation in Argentina.

The Argentine Republic has an open borders culture regarding the Migration Policy, and even when a country does not offer reciprocity within the same matter, Argentina usually offer facilities and flexible policies for the Migration process.

The new changes will probably help the new migration process where people from lots of Southamerican countries are migrating to Argentina, either for job opportunities, or to apply to a high quality education.

But of course, Southamerican citizens are not the only immigrants arriving. Argentina hast started to seduce people from all over the world as a country not only with lots of virgin lands, fresh and drinkable water, the best of the foods and a beautiful mix of cultures, but also a country that is very far from war matters and religious problems.

Some Immigration Process within different countries around the world as been simplified and at this moment, lots of documents that were requested in the past are not required any more.

You can learn more about the new regulations and projects for Southamerican citizens in the Newspaper's link.
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