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Published: May 30, 2006
By Disp. 20.699/2006 - DNM

New regulations facilitate processes /
Las nuevas reglas facilitan los tramites
In previous times, the only way to get a Student Visa was by enrolling at a University in order to get a degree.
But the real world has challenged new levels of studies, specially those related with "Estudios Terciarios" or also well known as "College Degrees" that are fast ways of getting specific knowledge in a specific field and get a job in the market with the posibiliy to improving the knowledge with the experience in the field and further courses.
Lately, the authorization to receive foreigners with Student Visas was extended to Institutions that are not only Universities.
From now on, a person who wants to study in an Institution that -perhaps- is not a University and do not provide with "University Degrees" but perhaps a "College College", can also get a Student Visa. Therefore, if you think for example of becoming a chef, attend dramma classes, join language courses, or whatever else you would like that is not related with getting a "University Degree", you can perfectly process a Student Visa, which also let you get your DNI (Identity Card) and a CUIL Tax Number.
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