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This is a table of national public holidays of Argentina.

Date English name Local name Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day Año Nuevo International holiday
floating Maundy Thursday Jueves Santo International Catholic holiday (optional)
floating Good Friday Viernes Santo International Catholic holiday
March 24 Memorial Day Día de la Memoria Anniversary of the coup d'état that started the dictatorial rule of the Proceso in 1976.
April 2¹ Malvinas Day Día de los caídos en Malvinas Tribute to the fallen in the Falklands/Malvinas War
May 1 Labor Day Día del Trabajador International holiday
May 25 Anniversary of the First Independent Government in Buenos Aires Revolución de Mayo On May 1810 a small revolution took place in Buenos Aires. This was the first step towards independence.
June 20² National Flag Day Día de la Bandera Commemorates the death of Manuel Belgrano, who created the current flag.
July 9 National Independence Day Día de la Independencia 6 years after May 25th 1810, the United Provinces of the River Plate declared themselves independent from Spain.
August 17² Anniversary of the death of General José de San Martín Día del Libertador José de San Martín This holiday commemorates the death of José de San Martín, the most important founding father, who liberated not only a part of Argentina but also helped liberate Chile and Peru along with O'Higgins and Bolívar.
October 12 ¹ Columbus Day Día de la Raza Literally "Race Day", which suggests a celebration of diversity among native Americans and Europeans. Some indigenous communities and activists for their rights consider the arrival of Columbus the prelude of destruction for native civilizations in the Americas, and occasionally stage a protest/mourning holiday on October 11, the "last day of freedom".
December 8 Immaculate Conception Day Día de la Inmaculada Concepción Also known as Día de la Virgen ("Virgin's Day")
December 24 Christmas Eve Nochebuena The holiday usually begins at noon, so the morning is worked like a regular workday.
December 25 Christmas Day Día de Navidad International Catholic holiday
¹ These holidays are mobile. If the date falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the holiday is the preceding Monday. If it falls on a Thursday or a Friday then the holiday is the following Monday.
² The holiday is always the third Monday of the month.

Other Observances

  • Teacher's Day (Día del Maestro) on September 11, commemorating the death of D. F. Sarmiento; only observed by primary school students.
  • Student's Day/Spring Day (Día del Estudiante/Día de la Primavera) on September 21; only observed by high-school students.
  • Friend's day (Día del Amigo) on July 20; unofficial.

The following are federal non-working ethnic holidays (people of those faiths are excused from work): Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement (Judaism), End of Ramadan and Muslim New Year (Islam), Eastern Orthodox Christmas Day (January 7th), Holy Thursday (Catholicism), New Year's Day for indigenous cultures (June 21st).

The Chinese New Year has been proposed as a new federal non-working ethnic holiday.

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