A Simple & Straightforward Path To Citizenship

For Permanent Residents

Unlike many other nations, obtaining citizenship in Argentina is relatively straightforward. The first step is to obtain your visa, which will allow you to live in the country for one year on a temporary residence permit. When the year has expired, the visa can be extended for an additional year. At the end of the second year, the visa can be extended again for another year. At the end of the third year, you can extend the visa again and receive permanent residency. At this point you will be legally entitled to reside in the Argentina permanently. Two years after receiving your permanent residency, you may apply for citizenship.
What is necessary?
You should speak fluent Spanish, know some general Argentine culture and politics to discuss in an interview, have been living in Argentina most of the time during those previous 2 years as a permanent resident, and have produced income / worked in Argentina and paid taxes in Argentina.

Citizenship Timeline

For Relatives of an Argentine Citizen

If any of your parents was born in Argentina, you have the right to gain Argentine Citizenship. We lead you all throughout the process in a way that it becomes easy-going and you get Citizenship very fast.

Simple, Flat Rate Pricing

ARCA has special fees for assisting previous residency clients with the citizenship process. While we cannot teach you Spanish, we can file all citizenship paperwork, assist you with all documents preparation and represent you at many steps of the Citizenship application.

If you have not been a residency client, contact our advisors for receiving a quotation for our services.

Getting Your Passport

After you obtain citizenship, acquiring an Argentina passport is very simple. Follow your ARCA Advisor and he / she will lead you all throughout the process.

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